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February 04, 2019 2 min read

We should have known that inviting Becca to take-over this week’s blog would not be a relaxing affair! A morning of bacon rolls and fresh coffee in front of a toasty fire was predictably all too good to be true, as Becca soon hit us with…


The place? A frozen Glasgow Necropolis

The tools? An iPhone, Moment’s Tele 58mm Lens, PAL charger and well…Becca the model

The task? 3 perfect photos: A portrait, a landscape and a product shot

The difficult bit? Just 10 minutes to capture 3 drool-worthy UNEDITED pics.

Easy? Pffft, try it and see.

Better yet, keep your eyes peeled this week on our Instagram stories to vote for who is the master of the Tele Lens!

So why those three shots?

The Telephoto Lens is the perfect travel buddy to have when capturing people and places.

We wanted to prove that the most experienced photographer and first-timers (*ahem…Jeremie) don’t need to break the bank to capture those perfect moments. What’s more, hopefully watching the Vlog allows you to pick up some great tips.

And why include the product shot?

Put simply, we need to sell PAL products to keep making social change! Honest marketing 101! The nicer we can make our products look and the more we show you just how powerful our power banks are, the higher chance we have of you choosing us over our competitors.

After all, social enterprise isn’t just about giving, it’s about ensuring that you as consumers are also choosing to spend your hard earned cash on the best product for you!

Plus, as much as we love these filming lenses and gadgets they suck the power from your phone preeeeeetty hard.

ANYWAYS, after pushing us to our limits we took a quick stop to hang out with our friends at Doyenne, who have formed their amazing gender neutral skate clothing line! However, we won’t disclose too much more, all you need to know is we got a top-notch product for our next give-away and will be getting these skaters on your screen soon!

Speaking of give-aways be sure to watch to the very end of this Vlog to see if YOU are the winner of our OI voucher give-away!

Think you can take on the challenge? Then grab your phone, set the timer and send us your best snaps!

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