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May 28, 2019 3 min read

Whether you're a well rounded adventurer or planning that next business trip, nowadays we are all suffering from the travel guilts. Especially with  90 kg of CO2 emissions being created for every hour that a plane is in flight!

Researchers from Nature Climate Change argue that actively taking measures like flying less and investing in payment schemes to offset damage caused by travel are now more important than ever to avoid unchecked future growth in tourism-related emissions. The study, which is the first of its kind, hopes that its attempt to quantify the tourism industry’s carbon footprint will inspire people to commit to travelling more sustainably and combat the effects of climate change. Here we bring you some changes, big and small, that you can make to your travel plans. Trust us, the Earth will thank you.

#1 Take a walk off the beaten path

With tourists flocking to the same few popular travel spots, ‘overtourism’ is indeed a real threat. An example is the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy, which in October 2015 had to undergo repair works - to the tune of a whopping USD 1.7 million. 

With the last renovation only dating back to 1995, it’s clear that Italy has felt the strain of the 420 million visitors it received last year. Iceland faces a similar problem, with previous sparsely-visited sites like Gulfoss and Geysir now being overrun by tourists, who trespass on protected land, throw their trash on the ground, vandalise moss, and relieve themselves outdoors. So why not take the road less travelled, literally, and visit sights that haven't quite reached Niagara Falls’ level of popularity yet? The world’s your oyster - Bolivian wine-tasting anyone? With all the great hipster ‘gram shots you’ll be getting, others will definitely be following your lead and doing our planet a solid. Plus, why spend your precious time at another overcrowded Full Moon party on Koh Phangan when you can be on the unspoiled beaches of Koh Chang?

#2 Choose sustainable modes of transport

Trains are the most energy-efficient mode of travel (besides our own two feet of course). Plus, carbon emissions from trains are not released directly into the upper atmosphere, so they’re way less harmful than those released by aircrafts. Next time you’re thinking off jetting off for a well-deserved break, why not see if you can get to your destination by train? Besides the clear benefits for the environment, you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to squeeze in a week’s worth of soap into a tiny 100ml bottle. Plus, with no turbulence, stable Wi-Fi connection, stunning views, and the option of moving around more easily, trains could be the superior way to travel.
Use this nifty little calculator to compare carbon emissions of your next plane, train or car ride.

#3 Offset your carbon footprint

Many airlines offer the option to purchase ‘offsets’ for your carbon footprint. Essentially, you donate to programs focusing on reducing carbon emissions, such as wind farms or forest conservation. Another way you can offset your carbon footprint is to avoid polluting the environment further at your destination. This could mean, switching car rentals for bike or scooter rentals, which are fast becoming the top choice for exploring a new city. Additional perks include being able to zip through the narrow cobblestone streets while taking in all the sights and sounds of the vibrant new city you’re in; and not having to fight for a parking spot.

Thanks for checking out our tips for making a more environmentally friendly trip! 

And of course, as is the purpose of most blog articles - allow us to seg-way into our crucial message! Reducing the impact we have on the Earth and it's environment is proving more important now than ever, as well as the importance of impacting the lives of real people. 

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Cheerio folks!

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