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February 18, 2019 1 min read

Ad Filming Realness

Let’s make life a lil easier for you this Monday.

With less reading, and more watching.  

This week we hired the BEAUTIFUL social warrior Miss Emma Watt to star as our student.

Mr Simon Forsythe whose beard is as majestic as his feline pets…which strangely keep making an appearance in our vlogs.

The ever-talented banter machine Becca Richardson and


(Kidding on bro ya look good, ya look good.)

This week we took to the land where Harry Potter fans weep with joy, where the term West End W***** was first coined and where everyone loves to wear a bit of flannel. I am of course talking about the University of Glasgow.

It is here that we shot our latest ad, targeting the everyday student constantly in need of charge. Whether this be in the classroom, on the commute or in the pub!

But the real power?

That comes from the outcome of every purchase.

One product, one solar light and one life changed forever.

To sell these products?

Well that comes down to us! And how we keep spreading our messages in 60 seconds of video.

So tell us how we’re doing! Have you seen our ads? Are we pulling your heartstrings? Are we making you want to click that like or share?

Let us know!

And if that doesn’t work. Please note that Jeremie is about to become a Father for the second time. The kids need their shoes. Buy a PAL. Go on!

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