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December 03, 2018 2 min read


What better place to start our PowerByPAL series than the Mecca of the European city break - Amsterdam!

The PoweredByPAL challenge is simple. Can you go on an adventure and use only Power a Life chargers to stay charged? Over the three day trip, we took in 20 of Amsterdams top sites, enjoyed the stunning scenery and put the full range or PAL chargers through their paces.

Checkout our vlog above to see how we got on. Checkout the round up below to see how each PAL power bank performed.


BiG PAL 2.0

 The BiG PAL was ideal for those who needed to charge a big smart phone and an extra device or two. More than capable of providing a fast charge to the latest Samsung and iPhone handsets, the BiG PAL proved to be the go to power bank for the team when out and about and running out of juice on a phone. 

code: halfpricecable


Mega PAL 

The Mega PAL is the biggest power bank in our range and boy does it pack a punch! The Mega PAL was the go to device for the videographers on the team who needed extra power on the go. Capable of quick charging mobile gimbals, mirrorless camera gimbals, laptops and of course mobile phones, there was nothing we threw at the Mega PAL that it couldn't handle.

code: halfpricecable


Kindling Cork Case

For the eagle eyed viewers out there, you may have also noticed that we quietly dropped a new product line in this video - the Kindling Cork case. For iPhone only (sorry Android users!) our Kindling cork cases have a beautiful soft texture and stunning grain, adding a touch of luxury to your iPhone.


 Tell us what you thought!

We hope you enjoyed our PoweredbyPAL Amsterdam vlog, drop us a comment below telling us your favourite part. Also, we'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on where we should go next! 

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