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May 16, 2019 2 min read


Let's admit it. So treat yoself… but make a social impact while you do it. We know you love positive change as much as we do, and there's so many ways you can help bring it about just through your buying choices. So here's a shout out and tip off to some social brands we think are doing some top notch work.

#1 Cotopaxi

Are you that outdoorsy instagrammer we’re all jealous of that posts belter after belter of scenic pics featuring rolling hills and endless waves? If not, get on it. And do it while rocking some Cotopaxi gear, because they have some core values we love.

If you like the sound of sustainable manufacturing, with no scrap of fabric left behind, a 60+ year guarantee and 1% of revenue being donated to fight poverty around the world, this is the brand for you. Not to mention their jazzy designs with colour left right and centre will throw you right back to childhood adventure mode and you’re good to go explore.

Photo by howling red on Unsplash

#2 Big Wild Thought

Ready for a chill night in after all that exercise outdoors? Time to get snug with a socially conscious sweatshirt on the sofa. Big Wild Thought are a British-based clothing company that donates 10% of each sale towards a conservation charity. Embroidered onto each jumper, t-shirt and accessory is one of a range of endangered insects, sealife, or woodland creatures. And with sizes in male and female, material that’s soft as something that rhymes with duck, not to mention organic, we’re not sure what else you could want from a piece of clothing.

Photo by howling red on Unsplash

#3 Snact

You’re going to need energy after all that climbing and lounging. Snact rescue ‘ugly’ fruit that people don’t want to buy as-is, before they get to the compost heap, from farmers, wholesalers and food surplus organisations. These slightly wonky but still good fruits then get turned into a range of vegan, gluten-free snacks with no additives. The packaging is even plastic free and home compostable. The perfect environmentally friendly snack? It may well be.

Photo by MindBodyStock on Unsplash

But wait, there’s more. Snact provide employment for vulnerable groups at all stages in their business, specifically those living in food poverty. Make a dent in your five a day and fuel your cafe sesh or hill walk with a lil snack that’s reduced some waste and maybe changed a few lives.

We love these profit for purpose options. Making a social impact is built into our own brand at PAL (check out our work supporting children’s education in Africa), and we’re not the only ones. There are some inventive people out there doing amazing work that you can support so easily while getting some sweet gear for adventuring, threads for lounging and snacks for munching in the process

So spread the word, leave us a comment and tell us about any social warriors we've missed!

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