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February 25, 2019 2 min read

 Ready to watch a vlog more edgy than Jeremie’s jumper? 

Tricks more radical than Tony Hawks’ 900 in 1999!?

 Where a camera man DIDN’T fall on his arse!!?

Then you’ve come to the wrong place…

IF, however…you have come to watch an ace Power a Life vlog complete with the niftiest gadgets, THE BEST in portable charging products and two rather hip and happening skaters, then welcome my babies <3


 This week we took to the urban playground of Kelvingrove Skate Park with awesome travel photographer and general bad-ass Miss Hannah King, not to be overshadowed of course by fellow small start-upper, Miss Fiona McMillan.


For these two we brought out the best in our equipment cupboard.

And by best I mean most SICCCCCCCCK gadgets.

The purpose?

To grease up that marketing funnel and show you genuine PAL customers who love our products. 

All too often consumers believe that giving money to a social enterprise, means sacrificing on quality products.


With PAL that is not the case.

If our chargers were skaters – they’d be Tony Hawk

If our chargers were Oscar Winners of 2019 – they’d be Lady Gaga belting out that high note in ‘Shallow’

If our chargers were ….PORTABLE CHARGERS – then I’d recommend you all buy one…like now.

ANYWAYS, you get the point. And hopefully, we’ve brought this across with our latest ads as well as the amazing social impact we have on the world.

So there you have it, ads done and thanks for being along for the journey. Now back to business…what challenge do you have for our PALS to take on?

Charging in freezing conditions? Can they turn bread to toast?

We’ll try ‘em all! Get in touch PALS!

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