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January 07, 2019 1 min read 2 Comments

Yes! The New Year is here and it comes loaded with new gadgets, collaborations, gifting solar lights to children in Africa and of course more #PoweredByPAL challenges! All of which we will be sharing with you via our weekly blog and vlog.


And with 2019, comes a new PAL ethos. We are so over super photoshopped images, online ads that never sleep and ridiculous marketing concepts … has anyone ever truly understood what on earth is going on in a Channel perfume advert? NO! And no-one cares!

Which is exactly why this year we are starting our marketing efforts with one rule in mind – total honesty and authenticity.

No gimmicks, no manipulation just pure honest story-telling, as we show you week on week what we are up to as we continue to push ourselves to sell the world’s most empowering charger.



But of course, no vlog series can be created without a kick-ass title sequence, which is precisely why our main man Mr Jeremie Warner and videographer Simon TOOK TO THE WOODS, to get some fresh content and play with their latest gadgets.

Prepare for mind-blowing landscapes, slow-mo product shots and plenty of foliage as our boys bring you our first episode of 2019 #PoweredByPAL… 

Next week, we're continuing our 'going mobile' theme in Glasgow, will be featuring an incredible buy to give business and unboxing a mobile product we've been itching to get our hands on. Have a great week and see you next Monday! 


2 Responses

Susie Smart
Susie Smart

January 09, 2019

Loving the shots panning through the forest! Awesome work guys :D

Margaret Richardson
Margaret Richardson

January 09, 2019

Great film! Love the company ethos. Looking forward to next week’s update.

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