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We use a buy-one, give-one business model, meaning that every time you purchase a power a life product, designed for your on-the-go lifestyle, we give a similar product to a person in need in the developing world. We carefully match the products we give to the products you buy, so someone in need always benefits when you buy our products.

give solar lights

Every product you purchase empowers an African school child with light. The solar lights we give allow children to safely study and complete their homework at night.

leading to better grades

We partner with local schools for the giving of our solar lights. Teachers work hard to measure the impact light has, and that academic attainment is improved through the ability to study at night. Click below for an insight into how teachers believe power a life will improve grades.

and more opportunities

Giving children the ability to study at night improves their opportunities in life. Allowing people to have the best start in lives helps them alleviate their own poverty, and work towards a brighter future.

giving gallery

We’ve collected some of the photos from our giving missions in Senegal & The Gambia, where we experience first-hand the impact that giving light can have. Click on an image below to see more.

partnered schools

We work directly with government schools in West Africa for the giving of our solar lights. We visit every school to meet the children and their families, and the schools hard-working teachers measure the academic impact studying at night has. We use this information to find out how kids lives are changed, and how best to improve grades with lights.
Check the map below to see the schools we’ve partnered with to give lights to kids.

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