our story (so far)

Power A Life began in 2012 with a trip to West Africa. Stephen & Jeremie studied together at university in Glasgow, focusing on Sustainable Development in Africa. Power A Life was an idea developed in partnership with schools the pair visited on their trip. Talking to children and teachers, it soon became apparent that one of the biggest issues facing children’s ability to do well in school was completing homework at night. Our buy-one, give-one business model empowers African children with solar light to study at night. Read more about our story in our blog.

it started with a photograph

September 2011

We started our journey

Stephen & Jeremie study together at university in Glasgow, focusing on Sustainable Development in Africa

November 2012

Investigating West Africa

We traveled on our first trip to West Africa, visiting rural village communities and schools in Senegal & The Gambia

December 2012

My Favourite Place

We ran a photography workshop called ‘My Favourite Place’, with 60 children across 5 rural schools in Senegal. This gave us an insight into day to day life in Africa

September 2013

Working with Schools

On our second trip to West Africa, we worked with teachers and communities to discuss how the lack of light affected children & school. Power A Life was conceived

May 2015

Empowering with Light

We gave out our first 100 solar lights to schools in Senegal & The Gambia. Teachers are working to measure the impact of the light on academic attainment

September 2015

wee PAL

Power A Life Launches. Our wee PAL chargers are available for you to buy now, with our buy-one, give-one business model empowering more children with solar light.

you charge – they study

With your purchases, we can continue to tackle the problems children face because of a lack of access to electricity and light. The more children we can empower with solar lights, the brighter their future will be. Purchase one of our PAL products today and make a difference to education and opportunities in Africa.

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