What’s the kindest way to charge your phone? Why, with a kindling, of course! with a swish, wooden finish and enough power to charge your phone a couple of times, it’ll keep you charged whilst looking stylish.

wee PAL

Weighing only 90g, our wee PAL packs a whole lot of power into a small package, giving you enough power to charge your phone or tablet wherever you go. Designed to match an on-the-go lifestyle, this ultra-light, slim charger comes with an added belt clip, and fits easily into a small pocket.

BiG pal

Our BiG PAL packs twice the power of a wee PAL and comes with a fast-charging 2.1A USB port. Designed for people who need that extra boost, a BiG PAL will give you the power in your pocket to keep you away from a plug for at least a couple of days.

multi device compatibility

every Power a Life product is designed to work with all USB powered devices, including the latest range of Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Microsoft mobile phones, tablets, iPods, games controllers and much more!

buy one – give one

With every Power a Life purchase, we give a solar light to a child in school in Africa. The lights are designed to give between 3-5 hrs of light, and can be charged up during the day, using the sun, for free!