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Our Mission

In this day and age we all need power. 

That's why we've designed the world's most empowering chargers to power your everyday adventures.

With every sale of our products we empower a kid with a solar light. We are the good guys of portable power! 

Be a good guy too..

Stay charged and 

Power a Life

This is our origin story...

As with all good origin stories, ours started whilst on an adventure. 

Born out of the credit crunch and frustrated at the state of the world, we wanted to fix it and headed off grid in Senegal to do something about it. 

 Whilst living off grid we experienced the need for portable power first hand. Not only for us needing to charge mobiles and laptops, but for the kids we were working with.


Which is why when we got home we created Power a Life, a business that keeps you charged with the best portable power tech going whilst powering those most in need.


To find out more about the impact your purchases create, click the impact button below. 

The Team


Our founder, head honcho, the man with the plan. 



Super handy with a camera and in charge of our visual content.



All things social is Becca's jam and she's our voice online.



Paul makes sure we're making a ton of impact by working with our corporate clients 


An OG PAL, Steve makes things look beautiful with mad design skills!

The Kids

And lets not forget why we're doing this, our partnered kids drive what we do!