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Not only are our power banks full of the latest in charging tech, but they make a difference as well.

For every single one of our products sold, including cases and cables, we gift a free solar light to a child in a developing country. Some call us a buy one give one business, others a social enterprise, but you can just call us Power a Life. 

Or PAL for short.


We don't want to just tell you you're making a difference when you choose PAL, we want to show you.

That's why we've tracked and measured the impact buying from us makes to the kids we empower with light. And boy oh boy is it inspiring, just check out the stats below to have your mind blown!

Improvement in every grade and every subject tested!

Over the course of a two month period, kids in one of our partnered schools in Zimbabwe were monitored in every class test and homework assignment they submitted. Every kid, in every year, in every subject saw improvements in their scores. Boom!

And the impact doesn't stop there.

The really exciting thing about these test scores in Zimbabwe is that kids who can achieve 50% or above in class tests in English and Maths become eligible to graduate onto high school. Imagine that, now being able to go on to high school all because you could do your homework and study at night. 

When you power your life, you're positively impacting on a kids life as well.

So next time you're lending your Wee, Big or Mega PAL to a friend, or showing off your sick AF phone case, be sure to tell them about the incredible things you've enabled with your purchase of a Power a Life product. The impact is life changing, and it's all thanks to you...