The gift of solar lights is transforming children's lives.


We've measured and tracked the impact receiving one of our solar lights has on kids and it's truly transformational. 
The improvement in class test scores we've measured is inspiring. The info graphic below shows the improvement across core subjects English and Maths in one of our partnered schools in Zimbabwe. In only 3 months we measured increases in all year groups studied in both subjects, with the biggest improvement coming from grade 5 maths, where the kids almost tripled their scores in maths!
What's even more inspiring is that when kids in Zimbabwe are able to achieve 50% test averages in the core subjects of English and Maths in primary school, they become eligible to graduate onto high school. 


Imagine that. Through your purchase of a PAL product, you've empowered a kid in Zimbabwe to go to high school. 


A massive thanks from us. And a huge thanks from the teachers we work with in the video below: