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These guys are amazing!

We're supported by some of the most exciting companies out there who are backing our mission by buying our products for their businesses. Check them out below...

"We couldn't be happier to have partnered up with Power a Life. Our BiG PAL chargers are doing a cracking job at keeping our team powered all day, every day!"

Andrew Dobbie 

Founder @ MadeBrave

PAL Partners

"We couldn't be happier to have partnered up with PAL."

Andrew - Founder


"When we're running from meeting to meeting, PAL keeps us going!"

John - Founder


"Our team love the cobranded BiG PALs they got for our 2 year birthday"

Lizzie - Founder


"Cobranded wee PALs proved to be an excellent trade show give-away, customers love the impact."

Colin - Founder


"We got a load of wee PAL 1.0s in the early days. We're proud to have empowered the first kids in Senegal"

Callum - Founder

Amiqus Resolutions

"Our team uses our Mega PALs everyday. We love knowing we've made a difference using them"

Lara - Founder


"Our judges were very impressed with both the impact and product quality of the wee PAL 2.0"

Evelyn - Chief Exec

Scottish EDGE

"In a busy corporate gifting market place, it's the impact that really stood our for us"

Nadeem - Founder

Organised Health

"Backing the mission was super important to us, that's why we've powered our team with PAL"

Leah - Founder


"As a business started at Strathclyde, it was only right and proper we continue that support!"

Sir Jim - Principle

Strathclyde University

"We've bought wee PALs for the last two finals of the awards. 4 whole classrooms empowered and counting..."

Alice - Event Manager

Santander Universities

"We're big fans of the PAL team, their products and impact. That's why we gift their wee PALs to our clients."

Donald - Founder

Lawrie IP

"We empowered 4 classrooms with PAL, what a great gift to give."

Neil - Non Exec Chairman

Donaldsons Timber

"We've given out 7 classrooms worth of wee PALs to our donors - and counting!"

Jamie - Board member


"Not only are our staff charged on the go, it's great story to tell our clients."

Alistair - Senior Partner

Thorntons Solicitors

"The team at Power a Life are great to work with. They understood our needs and were able to supply us with cobranded product in no time. We love the impact we're making every day just by using their products. We'd highly recommend them for corporate gifting and keeping your teams powered on the go."

Callum Murray -  Amiqus Resolutions

Want to be a PAL Partner?

If changing the lives of children in developing countries sounds like something your organisation would like to do, we're here to help you do it. Drop us an email below to receive our corporate partnering brochure and lets get a conversation started.


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