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BiG PAL 2.0

Our BiG PAL 2.0 comes loaded with 10,000 mah of charge capacity and is the first in our range of power banks to feature the latest in quick charging technology through fast charge Power Delivery Type C port at up to a massive 18watts of power. That's as much power as you'd get out the wall with a fast charge power brick!

Have a look at the second picture in the gallery to see how many charges of your phone it'll do.

We've also included two USB ports for good measure so you can change more than one device at a time. One of the USB ports is a 3 amp port so it'll also quick charge devices connected to it. The BiG PAL 2.0 can be charged by either micro USB or Type C. A type C charge cable is included in the package, we're good like that. 😉

The BiG PAL 2.0 is available in 5 colours - black, red, silver, rose gold and pink.

Inputs: type C, micro USB

Outputs: Fast Charge (PD) Type-C, Fast Charge USB, USB

Power: 18 watts

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Rose Gold