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Mega PAL

Space Gray

You asked for it, we've delivered it, a mega charger capable of charging laptops!

Our Mega PAL will charge any device via fast charge Power Delivery (Fast Charge) Type C or fast charge 3 amp USB port, with a whopping 20,000 mah of charge capacity at up to 80 watts of power. No more excuses of running out of charge on any of your devices!


It'll charge the latest laptops and Mac Books, which can be charged with Type C, with as much power as your wall charger. You can leave your laptop charger at home as all you'll now need now is you Mega PAL. 


The Mega pal is charged via the Fast Charge Type C port - we've included not one, but two charge cables for you to charge the Mega PAL or a device connected to it - 1 Type C to Type C and 1 USB to Type C.  


Our Mega PAL is available in two colours - black or space gray


Input: Type C


Output: Fast Charge (Power Delivery) Type C up to 80 watts and Fast Charge USB at 3 amps.


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